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FAQ: Fenders

In 2006 FenderWedge was the first of five Fender Products created by Directa’s group of dental consultants. FenderWedge shields adjacent teeth during preparation. FenderWedge paved the way for FenderMate, a one-piece matrix wedge that allows a quick and efficient restoration with natural contact and sealed cervical margin. Directa’s next product FenderWedge Prep was introduced in 2011 to shield larger preparations such as crowns, veneers and inlays. With children in mind, FenderMate Prime was the first and only combined shield and matrix development, specially designed to offer a gentle, comfortable, quick technique for preparing and restoring primary teeth. FenderMate Temp is the newest all-in-one solution for safe and easy preparation and filling of temporary proximal restorations. To learn more and find the most frequently asked questions about the Fender Products go here.


What’s the origin of the name ”Fender”?

Fender is a synonym for shield, protection.

What makes FenderMate unique?
FenderMate is the tightest matrix on the cervical edge available on the market. 

Why should I use FenderWedge?
To separate the teeth for a restoration with better contact and to achieve a faster and safer preparation with no risk to damage the adjacent tooth.