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FAQ: PractiPal

Optimum cleaning, easy storage and safe handling makes PractiPal the product of choice. The outstanding tray/cassette system offering improved hygiene, rational logistic and overall instrument in the dental clinic. The open design ensures optimal cleaning and maximum safety for patients and staff. PractiPal includes secure bur, file and accessory holders that clip into the tray but are easy to remove.


What’s the maximum lenght of bur that can be mounted on PractiPal compact bur stand?
The maximum bur length (total instrument) that can be mounted on the compact bur stand is 34 mm.

How do I autoclave PractiPal?
For sterilization in autoclave the standard is 134 degrees minimum 3 minutes or 120 degrees 15 minutes. Never start the autoclave before leaving the clinic and leave material inside for the night or the week-end, this will negatively affects both sterilization result and the life of products autoclaved. If you start the autoclave and leave the material inside overnight to dry there will be a constant temperature of 120 degrees during the whole night! In case of an electricity shortage water will gather and stay in the autoclave chamber at a temperature of 90 degrees for much longer than recommended time.

How should I clean PractiPal in a disinfector?
Use low alkaline detergents. Do not use chlorine products that will damage plastic materials. Remove rests or composite and organic material from instruments and trays because they will not disappear by themselves during the cycle. The bright color of the plastic components can slightly fade after several cycles. This does not affect the product quality.