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Prevent arm ache and makes aspiration easier

AdaptaPal is an ergonomic flexible adapter for saliva ejector and suction tips. It is the simple solution for a pain free suction, it helps minimize strain on shoulder, neck, elbow, arm and wrist. Bending easily, AdaptaPal enables the operator to get good access from all angles facilitating better control. AdaptaPal is easy to remove for cleaning and can be disinfected in washer disinfectors or autoclaved up to 120°C for improved hygiene renew adaptor between patients . Available in 3 sizes - Blue 6.3/11mm, Yellow 11/11 mm and Green 4/6,5 mm.


Prod No.

Prod No: 158010 AdaptaPal, blue, 4 pcs
Prod No: 158011 AdaptaPal, yellow, 4 pcs
Prod No: 158012 AdaptaPal, green, 4 pcs


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