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Cheek Retractor

Easy to place, one-piece design

Easy to place Cheek Retractor useful for photography, oral surgery, orthodontic bonding and restorative work. The one-piece design provides comfortable access and is easily placed in just seconds. Available for both adults and children in red, clear, ivory, blue and translucent. 


Prod No.

Prod No: 511582  Cheek Retractor Adult, translucent, 2 pcs  
Prod No: 511583  Cheek Retractor Child, translucent, 2 pcs  
Prod No: 511584  Cheek Retractor Adult, blue, 2 pcs  
Prod No: 511585  Cheek Retractor Child, blue, 2 pcs  
Prod No: 511586  Cheek Retractor Adult, red, 2 pcs  
Prod No: 511587  Cheek Retractor Child, red, 2 pcs  
Prod No: 511588  Cheek Retractor Adult, clear, 2 pcs  
Prod No: 511589  Cheek Retractor Child, clear, 2 pcs  
Prod No: 511590  Cheek Retractor Adult, ivory, 2 pcs  
Prod No: 511591  Cheek Retractor Child, ivory, 2 pcs



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