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Colour Code Rings
For identification and organization of instruments

Colour Code Rings for easy identification and organization of instruments in 8 colours. Can be cold sterilized or autoclaved. 4.2 x 6.5 mm, length 3.2 mm


Prod No.

Prod No: 549931  Colour Code-Rings Assortment, 50 of each colour, 400 pcs  
Prod No: 549901  Colour Code-Rings, white, 50 pcs  
Prod No: 549902  Colour Code-Rings, yellow, 50 pcs  
Prod No: 549903  Colour Code-Rings, red, 50 pcs  
Prod No: 549904  Colour Code-Rings, blue, 50 pcs  
Prod No: 549905  Colour Code-Rings, green, 50 pcs  
Prod No: 549906  Colour Code-Rings, black, 50 pcs  
Prod No: 549907  Colour Code-Rings, grey, 50 pcs  
Prod No: 549908  Colour Code-Rings, brown, 50 pcs


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