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Napkin Holder
Holds napkins in place during treatment

Directas Napkin Holder has a solid crocodile clip that firmly holds napkins in place during treatment. Made of autoclavable silocone rubber. Available in steel chain or silicone in red yellow, green and blue with or without locking mechanism.


Prod No.

Prod No: 621330  Napkin Holder, Chromium-plated without lock, 1 pc  
Prod No: 621331  Napkin Holder, Chromium-plated with adjustable lock, 1 pc  
Prod No: 621332  Napkin Holder, Plastic Strap, 1 pc  
Prod No: 621440  Napkin Holder, Silicone Strap, red, 1 pc  
Prod No: 621441  Napkin Holder, Silicone Strap, yellow, 1 pc  
Prod No: 621442  Napkin Holder, Silicone Strap, green, 1 pc  
Prod No: 621443  Napkin Holder, Silicone Strap, blue, 1 pc  


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