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Roto Stand

Simplifies handling and organisation of burs

The pivoted bur platform rotates to facilitate quick and easy selection of burs. Available for FG, HP/RA (Latch) and a special version combining both. Holds 60 pcs FG burs, 72 pcs HP/RA burs or 18 pcs FG and 44 pcs HP/RA burs. With a close fitting lid to protect burs from dust and contamination. - Can be cold sterilized.


Prod No.

Prod No: 412285 Roto Stand for 60 FG Burs, 1 pc
Prod No: 412286 Roto Stand for 72 HP/RA Burs, 1 pc 
Prod No: 412287 Roto Stand for 18 FG Burs and 44 HP/RA Burs, 1 pc


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