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Preserved bone integrity and dramatically less trauma for your patients and their dentition. Luxator Periotomes are the preferred instruments for performing extractions. Luxator Periotomes are specially designed periodontal ligament knives with fine tapering blades that compress the alveolar bone, cut the membrane and gently ease the tooth from its socket. The whole operation is performed with a minimum of tissue damage. Available in 8 blade sizes. Autoclavable Fixus 1 case included.  


4 reasons to use Luxator® Periotome

1. Ergonomic design
2. Atraumatic extraction
3. Maximum tactility
4. Wide range of sizes and shapes


Prod No.

Prod No: 506355 Luxator L1S, 1mm, straight blade, green, 1 pc
Prod No: 506352 Luxator L2S, 2mm, straight blade, dark green, 1 pc
Prod No: 506341 Luxator L3C, 3mm, curved blade, black, 1 pc
Prod No: 506340 Luxator L3S, 3mm, straight blade, grey, 1 pc
Prod No: 506353 Luxator L3CA, 3mm, contra angle, dark blue, 1 pc
Prod No: 506354 Luxator L3IC, 3mm, inverted curved, light blue, 1 pc
Prod No: 506343 Luxator L5C, 5mm, curved blade, brown, 1 pc
Prod No: 506342 Luxator L5S, 5mm, straight blade, tan, 1 pc
Prod No: 506399 Luxator Sharpening Tool L10, 1 pc

Prod No: 506330 Luxator Kit L-K4 including: Luxator L3C, L3S, L5C, L5S and Luxator sharpening tool L10. 
Prod No: 506331 Luxator Kit L-K7 including: Luxator L2S, L3C, L3S, L3CA, L3IC, L5C, L5S and Luxator sharpening tool L10.
Prod No: 506332 Luxator L-K VET including: Luxator L1S, L2S, L3C, L3S, L3CA and Luxator sharpening tool L10.


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