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During extractions annoying tooth fragments or loose root tips remain attached to the periodontal ligament. These pieces are very small and slippery, making it difficult to grip them with ordinary tweezers or forceps. RootPicker instruments address these problems with the necessary properties to complete the extraction successfully. Luxator RootPicker is a short and rigid instrument easy to insert into the alveolus. The cleverly designed tip provides a sure grip on the debris. Their straight and angled tips make them ideal for use in the anterior area as well as in the posterior maxillary and mandibular areas.


4 reasons to use Luxator® RootPicker

1. Rigid and slim
2. Unique design
3. Four corner grip
4. Straight or angled


Prod No.

Prod No: 506450  RootPicker Straight, 1 pc 
Prod No: 506451  RootPicker Angled, 1 pc  
Prod No: 506452  RootPicker Assortment, 2 pcs


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Frequently asked questions about Luxator.



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In this clinical case Dr. Frédéric Chiche will show you how he uses Luxator RootPicker in his daily work.
> Learn the difference between Luxator Periotome and Luxator Forte and when to use Luxator RootPicker.


Product Movie

Animated movie on how to use Luxator RootPicker.




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