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Disposable holder. Holds disposable items through multiple inserts such as Multi Dappen for liquids / light protectors, multi point, waste cups & foams. Fits PractiPal Half and Full Tray. Available in nine different colours for easy colour-coding. 

PractiPal MultiBlock containts: PractiPal MultiBlick (1 pc), PractiPal Multi Dappen (5 pcs), PractiPal MultiPoint (5 pcs), PractiPal Waste Cup (5 pcs) and PractiPal Foam, small (5 pcs).


Prod No.

Prod No: 115140  PractiPal MultiBlock, grey, 1 pc
Prod No: 115141  PractiPal MultiBlock, red, 1 pc
Prod No: 115142  PractiPal MultiBlock, yellow, 1 pc
Prod No: 115143  PractiPal MultiBlock, blue, 1 pc
Prod No: 115144  PractiPal MultiBlock, green, 1 pc
Prod No: 115145  PractiPal MultiBlock, lilac, 1 pc
Prod No: 115146  PractiPal MultiBlock, pink, 1 pc
Prod No: 115147  PractiPal MultiBlock, mint green, 1 pc
Prod No: 115148  PractiPal MultiBlock, orange, 1 pc


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